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prettier when it's dark

BBB (Big Bad's Bitch)
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amy acker, andrew, angel the series, angel/faith, angelus, angst fanfiction, anti-bangel, anti-buffy/angel, anti-harry/ginny, anti-mary sue, anti-ron/hermione, anti-willow!sue, anya, being delusional, being eighteen, being in love, being miserable, bitter chocolate, bookworms, brit rock, btvs fanfiction, buffy the vampire slayer, cordelia, cordelia/angel, crazy!spike, crying in hotel lobbies, cult films, dada, dana scully, dark romance, darkfic, darla, darla/angel, dawn/spike friendship, daydreaming, demon loving, drinking, drusilla, dumbledore's army, eliza dushku, english accents, evanescence, faith, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, fanfiction challenge, fantasy, fashion, feminism, fox mulder, fred, fred burkle, fred/darla, fred/gunn, fred/tara, fred/willow, fred/xander, fucking, girls who kick ass, goblet of fire, h/hr, half blood prince, harry james potter, harry potter, harry potter icons, harry/hermione, hatesex, hermione granger, hp books, hp fanfiction, hp icons, hp movies, hunting for horcruxes, james marsters, jay-z, kelly clarkson, kissing, kittens, lilah, lilah/wesley, lily evans, lily potter, lily/james, lily/lucius, lily/remus, lily/severus, lily/sirius, lindsey, madonna, making icons, making love, marilyn monroe, men, misery, mocking, modern romance, morally ambiguous characters, mulder/scully, naked spike, nc-17 fanfiction, nekkid spike, oz, placebo, prodigy, radiohead, rainy days, reading between the lines, red hot chili peppers, roadtrips, rock, romance, romance fanfiction, ron weasley, sarcasm, sci-fi, severus snape, sex with spike, sexy accents, shagging, shaved chests, sims 2, skin, sleep, south park, spike, spike fanfiction, spike wearing leather pants, spike/angel, spike/dru, spike/drusilla, spike/faith, spike/fred, spike/illyria, spike/tara, spikegasms, spillyria, spred, tara, the prisoner of azkaban, vampires, wes/faith, wesley, william the bloody, willow/oz, willow/tara, winifred burkle, x-files, ,